Growing strawberries from grow bag

I’ve ran out of room in my plot and someone has giving me some strawberries, the space I have left is on a corner and very stony, I think previous owner might have have shed there so soil rubbish, I was thinking I could dig a Trough and maybe put a grow bag in there with my strawberry plants? Will these grow ok, I know you can buy grow bags for tomatoes but can you get ones for strawberries?


Hi, I don’t think i have seen a grow bag for strawberries, but I can’t think of a reason why they would’nt grow in one. worth a try.


Strawberries are very adaptive plants and in general, do well under different growth conditions.


About 10 years ago I planted some mini alpine strawberries in my front yard, despite getting rid of them they re-appear every year in gravel, stones and in the cracks between paving flags! They will grow anywhere.

My allotment neighbour grows her strawberries in an old bath.