Growing Pumpkins

Is anyone growing pumpkins this year? I’ve been growing these Atlantic giant ones, one was doing so well and I had it supported but it snapped off the vine anyway. there are two more growing but nowhere as big as this one. hopefully they will make it to Halloween.


Looks fantastic! I’m growing ornamental squashes and some are technically a pumpkin but no proper pumpkins this year. I sowed old seed of a white one but they never germinated sadly.

What a beautiful pumpkin!
There’s one thing I want to ask: Can you please explain the difference between pumpkins and squashes? I’m from Austria, nd i have never been clear about the distinction… :sweat_smile:


Botanically they are all the same family the ‘Cucurbit’ family (had to google that as couldn’t remember :grinning: ‘Pumpkin’ if I remember correctly is a word gardeners gave to them. they are a type of winter squash the same a butternut squashes. there are lots of different squashes all types of colour and shape, they are either summer squashes grown for summer harvest or winter squashes for winter time.