Growing plants in pots

What determines if a plant is suitable to grow in pots? Is there a hard and fast rule on this?

Probably no hard and fast rule. In general if the root systems grow very large, likely not great to stick it in a pot. BUT… that being said, I think plants are very adaptable and most will be able to make-do. The other thing is, you gotta figure out what frequency of watering you’re willing to put up with. Really thirsty plants will need to be watered every day in the summer if they’re in a smaller pot.

I have a balcony garden and everything is in pots, including two acers :smiley: I love it. Here’s a snapshot of one corner.


The main thing to remeber when choosing a pot is the roots will need room to grow when i a puttiing plants in pots I normally go at least one pot size up from whatever the plant comes in so 1litre plant I would put in to a 2 or 3 litre pot, and once in a pot you are responsible for it’s care, so work out a good watering and feeding routine, even if they are outside they may not get all they need whithout intervention.
As Soliska said no hard and fast rules so it is a bit of trial and error, bet to do a fair bit of research into any plants you specifically want to see what would be needed.


Thank you Nick.

A follow up question. When plants are said to prefer poor soils… does that mean they should not be fed when in pots? Or just fed less?

Thank you Soliska. That’s a lovely balcony you have there!

Hi James, thats an intersting question, as a rule of thumb plants in poorer soils don’t normally need as much from the soil as others but they will still need occasional feeding summertime is most important as most containerised plants would need watering and feeding up to twice a week so I would probably suggest once a week or even fornightly for those that like poor soils. I think the plants themselves will let you know if they need more or less, but they would need feeding.

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