Green potting soil

Quick question,

I have potting my seedlings sieved compost and I’ve noticed that the compost is growing in colour like some algae had grown on it. The seeds have still germinated but I’m more whether it’s to humid in my plastic grow house.

Also the soil doesn’t seem to dried due to it being warm in the grow house

So far I’ve grown so much in there and planted them outside already with issues. It’s just a question that’s been bugging me.

Thanks again

Hi, it could be algae or lichen/moss growing on the compost if its very wet and has been for a while. I have never known it do anything bad to the seedlings I would be more concerned about the seeds rotting off if they are that wet though.

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I’ve kept the growhouse doorway open to keep it airy. Thanks again

Mine are the same and I’ve made sure I haven’t overwatered this year. I’ve been scraping the green off and putting fresh compost on top. Doesn’t seem to have harmed my seedling so far. I think the plastic greenhouse don’t allow any air through like a glass one.

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