Geranium identification

please could someone identify this hardy geranium for me?

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I think it is nodosum. A very common one which spreads and grows anywhere. Very useful mat of ground cover to keep weeds out and very robust but can be invasive. Anyone have any other ideas? Julie

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Hi Julie, thank you for your suggestion, I think that is probably right now I’ve looked at other images on line.
Kind regards

Oh that’s good. I hope it’s in a place where you want it. It is an incredibly useful plant to cover the ground so I hope you enjoy it. You can shear it down to the ground and it will pop back up with days. Really.

I meant within days.

Any chance you might be able to id this geranium as well please

Thank you

Well I’m no expert but I do have a lot of them. Is this one everywhere ? has it popped up or did you plant it? there are so many common pink ones that just appear self seeded and spread all over the place I am thinking it is one of those? The common one is oxonium or endressii often called Wargrave Pink. Look those up and see if they match and do tell me what you find.

Good morning Julie photo taken on a very sunny day , flower is actually mauve/purple and very similar to G. Bill Wallis but with totally different leaves. It has just appeared this year and is only in one place.

I will look in my book and have a good think.

Good ID-ing Julie! I’d tend to agree with you but I am no geranium expert either. I tend to know those I know but like roses, there are so many! And they all start to look very similar after a while.

Some of the the tell tales will be time of flowering especially, habit and size and position, i.e. shade or sun @Goldfinch.