Fresh horse manure

We have a plentiful supply of good old fresh 'oss muck from a local stables. I’ve been storing some in a compost bin and now I’ve piled some on unused beds to rot down.

The trouble is, it seems quite heavy on the straw etc and not so much with the actual poo. The stuff in the bin doesn’t seem to be rotting down at all and I wonder if it’s too carbon (?) rich.

Is there anything I can do to speed along the rotting process? How will I know when it’s good to use?



It takes at least a year for manure to rot down - how long have you given it so far?

The bin has been less than 3 months so far, so I know it has a way to go. But it doesn’t appear to be doing anything. I’ve read it can take over a year if you just leave it piled up, or as little as 8 weeks if you turn and compost properly.

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I would think horse manure would always take closer to a year, even if turned a lot and in a big pile. Normal compost can be sped up, but manure is a bit different really. Other people might have some other suggestions but I would personally keep doing what you’re doing, turn it every few months or so. Eventually it will break down.

We put a plastic sheet over ours, yes for at least a year. It sweats, worms do the work for you. Wait for the heap to steam. Put some in a swag type bag with a cane through the top for liquid manure.