Does anyone know how to attract barn owls?

We have a simple little wooden barn, there’s ample wildlife and there’s seems to be an existing owl nest box. Is there anything else I can do?!

I think it more of a waiting game, if the box is in a good position and you have open ground around the barn it sounds ideal for owls, they do like a bit of tree cover and a good perch where they can get a good view of the surroundings and do what you can to encourage small mammals to the garden.
it would be magical to have owls in your barn. I hope you get some.


Definitely get some more mice! What would probably help is planting out peas, this always seems to encourage mice activity in my garden :wink:


@Nick @forestgardenwales thanks both, I don’t think the garden will be short of mice anytime soon so hopefully we can wait it out and see them this spring :pray:

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Clean the owl nest box before the nesting season, that should do it. Check that it drains too.

Make sure the box is suitable for barn owls as it would be different to a tawny owl box. Barn owls hate wind so make sure the box is not in a drafts or windy spot in the barn.
Watch where they sit in the barn as that is the place they will be happiest. Also, site above pellets if any are present.
Their main food is field voles so don’t strim grass short or increase habitat. If they perch on a post put food out, either dead mice or day old dead chick available from some pet shops.


Their will be a local barn owl trust in your area. They can advise too. And if your lucky to breed they will monitor the box, ring chicks etc