Do you grow your own food?

Please tell us what you grow, how you grow it and why!

I have a small veg plot that doesn’t provide much for meals but has been fantastic for my fussy eater niece. I discovered that if I grow it, she’ll eat it. Carrots pulled straight from the ground and washed under the outside tap are her favourite.

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That’s great to hear! Are there other veggies she likes?

Green beans, mangetouts, lettuce straight from the plant. Eats tons of home-grown potatoes if she’s dug them up too. If I served any of those to her in a meal she wouldn’t eat them!

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Nice! I like the straight from the plant tactics.

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I’ve been growing more since I took the allotment on. I too have a fussy child and one who eats most things - although they all hate cauliflower which I love! I grew the usual stuff to start with carrots, broccoli, beans French and runner, leeks, beetroot etc and salads. Last year I tried chard as it looks nice but hadn’t eaten it - I now throw it in stir frys and instead of spinach as that’s not up yet and it overwintered really well. With the new polytunnel I’m planning for lots of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, and chilis. fruit wise im trying melons (when the seeds get here) and I’ve lots of strawberry’s, raspberry’s, rhubarb, pears and apples. What ever I do I cant get parsnips to germinate - last year I ended up buying some seedlings from the garden centre, but this year that’s not an options so later today am about to try method 3 involving a plastic bag and the airing cupboard.


We live in a corner house so have front, side and back gardens. Most was slabbed as my parents reached old age but now I have took some of the lawn away, woodchipped the area and posted 6 raised beds.

I have managed to grow cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, peas and a variety of herbs.

This year I am growing the same but adding courgettes, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, sweet peppers, jalapeños chillies and water melon (if they grow)


Hi! I have a large exposed garden with lots of fruit trees. Veg: I don’t grow any brassicas (don’t agree with me!) but corn, beans, salads of all sorts, cucumber, courgettes, squashes, tomatoes, sweet peppers and mild chillies. The latter are in my greenhouse. I also grow lots of fruits: raspberries, blueberries, boyseneberries, strawberries, rhubarb, etc. Plus apples, pears, plums damsons, quince from the trees. I like to try something new each year for fun: last year were gigante beans - very successful; and Leaf Beet erbette (much nicer than regular chard - less minerally). This year it is perilla (shiso) and kiwi Issai (though it was just frosted again!).

Nothing beats something you have grown (even if it is ugly!)


I like to grow as much as I can but we live at the top of a hill by the sea in the northern highlands of a Scotland so conditions can be difficult, especially with the wind. I’m trying to grow hedges for protection as we’re quite exposed north and east. I have had a polytunnel for the last season and over wintered chard and spinach which is just finishing. I’ll put out tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, courgettes and squash at the end of the month. I already have salad in there and strawberries.

Outside I have permanent fruit bushes - raspberry, blackcurrant and blueberries in tubs, along with apple. I also have a small asparagus bed and we harvested our first spears the other day. I have 4 16 foot raised beds in which I currently have garlic, onions, cabbage, sutherland kale and some cabbages. I’ll get other things in like beans later. I have 7 dustbins with Charlotte potatoes in. Additionally I have a herb bed on the patio and various herbs planted throughout the garden as it was a cheap way of filling space when I had no money.

I’m a very haphazard gardener and tend to not do what I should when I should, but that said we got over £700 of produce from the garden last year! Some of our lovely produce.


That all looks great and I’m really interested in your experiments to create shelter. It will be great to hear if they work well for you over time.

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We made two raised beds this year. I’m growing lots of herbs, tomatoes, mixed leaves, radishes, beetroot, carrots, kale & dwarf beans. It all seems to be growing so well. All organic. No slugs!! I’m loving it. Not sure why it’s taken me 69 years to do it!


Fantastic, what a lot of produce from two raised beds! Well done, it’s never too late, we start exactly when we’re meant to :slight_smile:


You’re absolutely right, bit sorry I didn’t start earlier though :rofl:

I’ve just just picked and harvested Paalak (indian spinach) and with too much we are delivering it close family shortly


Hi - I’m also in the Scottish Highlands, rural/exposed garden. How are your hedges faring? We planted (with advice) lots of a Western Hemlock hedge. 5 years on, trimmed to 12ft height twice, no cones. But 25 have died/7 of which at 6ft height - so sad. Puzzling as just looks like they gave up​:woman_shrugging:?? Any ideas anyone. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: