Dahila Tuber advice please

I brought lots of lovely Dahila Tubers from an online Nursery.
I’ve stored these in brown paper bags and cardboard box packaging.
I’ve stored them in a dark room temperature cupboard.

Are these ok?

When the frost is over I will plant out into raised beds and containers.

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi, I would say these look fine to me. they are already shooting they should do fine.

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Thanks Nick.

I think I should wait a while to plant.

Am I correct in thinking that I soak each tuber for an hour in water before planting?

I’m falling in love with gardening, but I’m a complete novice. :sunflower:⚘:blush:

LOL Gardening can be adictive, I’ve never got bored of it, :slight_smile: I was always taught to soak them in tepid water idealy, a time was not specified but they must have enough time to completly re-hydrate, and yes wait until all chance’s of frost have passed.

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Interesting! I had never heard of soaking dahlia tubers before- I just plant them up in pots of moist (PF) compost under cover (done about a month ago) and green shoots appear; then I plant them out in the garden when the frosts have passed. Love that everyone who gardens has their way of doing things! Always something new :wink:

But if I had no under cover space, I would definitely wait a bit longer to plant outside, when the frost (eventually!) abates. Good luck with them NoviceC - show us some pics when they flower!


I left mine in the ground.

This is last years. Buds are back and ready to open soon.


Ooh, nearly dahlia time!


Not sure what has happed but they appear a different color…strange!
Still some yellow but more orange.

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It’s so exciting isn’t it :heart_eyes: