Cutting flower suggestions for allotment

Hi I’ve set aside a patch at the allotment for cutting flowers this year and wondered what people have found to be a good mix to provide flowers for the season. Last year I started with cornflowers, poppies and Zinnias but they all went a little wild and fell over or had twisty stems. also how do you keep them upright when grown in a patch on a windy site?

I grow lots of dahlias and zinnias for their long flowering season, I wrote a guide to supporting them here which applies to all cut flowers that need support.
Cornflowers are good but poppies are too short lived for my liking when it comes to cutting. I like umbellifers too like wild carrot and Ammi majus.

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I know what you mean about a windy site - mine is constantly buffeted. Check the height that the specific variety grows to- zinnias and dahlias, for instance have quite a wide range of heights, as well as flower types and colours. Sunflowers can be good with lots of colours available; again there are shorter varieties but most (but not all!) will still need staking or tying in against a fence (see Jack’s article). I also like rudbeckia (nice flowers later in the summer, calendula, nigella, sweet william, and antirrhinum too - lots of colours, shapes/ types.

Have fun planning!


How about sweet peas? They make a lovely posy & smell delicious. Last year I planted some nasturtiums round the same structure so when the sweet peas were finished the nasturtiums took over… obviously not cut flowers, but they look pretty and provide salad,leaves & flowers until the first frost.

Sunflowers are good - especially the slightly smaller varieties.

Good luck!


I like dwarf cosmos. They have beautiful flowers and continue flowering until the first frosts.


Maybe worth considering plants that make good dried flower displays, like the seedheads of teasel, honesty and alliums. To give you something in the winter months.
Maybe also spring flowers like muscari (probably one of the less prolific varieties so that you don’t end up with them taking over!).