Crown of Thorns pot conundrum

I have had my Crown of Thorns (Euporbia milii) for yonks, but it has not been repotted for many years and is real need of this. The issue is the pinched-neck cauldron shape of the pot - it definitely won’t come out without help. My OH said just break the pot :open_mouth:, but I love this pot and I want to find another solution, if possible.

Any ideas? Has anyone had to deal with this type of situation?
I am thinking I will need to cut it out of the pot (carefully, maybe trimming it/ wrapping it to avoid the thorns), but as I have never done this before, I am concerned that I will kill it.

Thanks folks!

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Obviously you need to wrap the prickly bit first. What I found useful, is a large bread knife to cut a vertical cylinder within the narrowest part of the rim of the pot, so effectively you can then remove a big tube of roots. Yes, you will sacrifice some of the roots, but as it’s probably very root bound, I’ve never found that a particular problem. Not sure this is the best time of year to do it though. Generally spring is better when it can recover from the shock more easily.

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Thank you, glad to have the advice! Looks like I have a spring project to put on the list - I’ll let you know how it goes :partying_face:


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