Corn growing? Is it easy to grow?

I love corn in cob! Is it easy to grow? I’m brand new to allotments etc ,I’ll probably Only grow about 5/6 but wanted some advice on how to grow it, I know I need to grow in a pots first before the go in the ground?


Yes it is fairly easy to grow, it’s frost tender - so frost and cold weather can kill it. So one way is to grow the plants first indoors in pots, planting out in late May or early June.
Last year I sowed them directly in the ground around early May and they grew fine that way too.
Key to good crops is actually to grow them in blocks with as many plants as you can. Ie you plant them in a grid rather than rows with about 30-45cm between each plant. This is because they are wind pollinated not insect pollinated, so you need a good number of plants growing close together to ensure good amounts of their pollen is blown from one plant to the other.
So the main tip is, try to grow a few more than you mention for better crops :slight_smile:


I grew them from seed last year in the greenhouse and then planted out very carefully, apparently they don’t like the roots meddling with when moving but mine did ok and grew really well even up north (West Yorkshire).

However I didn’t know about the grid planting so I just had 2 short rows and they didn’t germinate so when I picked what looked like fabulous corns they barely had any kernels on.

This year they are already sprouting in the greenhouse and I’ve got a sunny spot ready for a grid :+1:


Agree with all of the above!

But we too many mice & voles here to plants seed out direcly - so I use individual deepish pots, loos roll centres or root trainers indoors until frost has past. Plant out in a grid/ block so the wind can pollinate.

Hubby wanted to try growing them a couple of years ago and was thrilled with the harvest :sunglasses: We grew 16 (4 x 4) the first time - now do more. They are best cooked/eaten immediately after harvest (sugars turn to starch when picked) or blanch & freeze to enjoy later. So much better than sad (not fresh) supermarket corn!


A timely post as I have planned to grow some corn this year which is my 2nd proper year of vegetable growing.

I have True Gold Sweetcorn seeds which I have put in my diary to plant on 10th May.

I have saved some loo rolls so may pot them in them in the grow house until they’ve germinated


Sweetcorn is something I’ve never grown, i will have to give it a try:)


Sweet corn/sugar maize does well even in Stockholm, with our short summer. However, as other people pointed out, plant them in a group and not in rows, for the pollination. It is fun to see how fast corn grows. I have tried growing corn Three Sisters style too, with some success (beans/zucchini/sweet corn together). And sunflowers in the back, for Pawnee style corn.