Cordyline flowers

Hi,My 3 yr old 8ft Cordyline has flowered. The stem grows out from the top where the fronds would normally grow and is about 2” thick,smaller stems grow from this and hold the flower/heads. Where should I cut this off? The large stem, the smaller stems,leave it? None of these? As you can tell this is a first for me and I need some help!

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Hiya! If you follow the flower down, you want to find where the whole thing comes out from the leaves and just cut it off as close to the trunk as you can.

Hi, and thanks for the reply…appreciate your time.
So you mean where the flower stalk comes up out of the fronds? Wop it off there? Sorry,but don’t want to muck this up,as I love this tree.

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Yes, follow the whole flower ‘branch’ to where it comes out of the leaves and cut as close into the leaves as you can.

Thank you again, I honestly do appreciate you taking the time to answer, there’s a lot of info on the net about cordy,s but nothing seemed to cover this to well.
Once cut should I do anything else for the tree at this stage or just leave as she/he is?

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Nothing else - you can relax I promise :slight_smile: Cutting off the flower stems will have no negative impact on the plant at all. They usually die back and just stay there for most of the year before eventually dropping. Just follow the flower down to where it connects to the trunk among the leaves and you just cut off the flower stem.