Cordyline Australis Salsa looks like it's dying?

Hello community,

I am wondering if anyone could help me.
Firstly I do not have a green thumb or bone in my body, I bought a Cordyline Australis salsa a few months back, and it looks like it’s dying, leaves are browning and I’m worried about it. It’s in a pot, and was in full sun, but I moved it to a shaded area this morning.!


P.s. I’m also new at using this type of community help.



Hiya Wenwoo!
Welcome to the community.
Does the pot have drainage holes?
I have a similar colourful one called ‘Pink Fountain’ that fades in winter and then new growth in spring is colourful again. I suspect it’s the same with yours :blush:

Hey Jack,

Thank you for getting back to me.

My pot has 1 drainage hole in the bottom, I was wondering if that one hole would be enough drainage.
But I decided to go ahead anyway and thought I’ll see how things go.

I will admit I hadn’t really watered it a lot previously, but I have started giving it water each day, just enough till I see water coming out of the drainage hole.

I’m NEW to the whole looking after plants game : )


That should be fine, as long as the water drains freely there is enough drainage.

Now that it’s winter, if you’re in the UK, you won’t need to water it every day, only when it starts to dry out. Which won’t happen often until spring.

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I am in Australia :grin: so we are in summer here at the moment.
I’ve moved my Cordyline Australis “Salsa” into a more shaded spot, because I thought it may of been getting too much sun.
I’d like to thank you Jack for all the help you have been giving me. I really do appreciate it very much.

Wendy Woodford

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No problem Wendy very happy to help and I’ll be interested if it perks up :blush:

Going by next door neighbour here, he has three in the front and even in summer only waters now and again.