Controlling rabbits in meadows?

Has anyone experience of managing meadows? Ours has a bunch of rabbits that have moved in and are digging burrows. I wondered how much of a problem they are for meadow plants? Should I get someone in to control them?

The rabbits will probably not harm meadow plants if they have free access to your vegetable garden. Our allotment club in Stockholm has repeating explosions of the resident city rabbit population, and they are culled by the resident fox family, badgers, ferrets and disease. My first summer on the allotment, they ate up all my vegetables, the second summer, I fenced in the vegetable patch. Low fencing seems to work.

Then there are of course field hares and kangaroos too.

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In the wildflower meadows I manage they are only intersted in the grass or Dandelions, they have never caused any problems and the populations seem to govern themselves, some years we have lots, looks like this year there will be, other years Mixie pops up and thins them out a bit.

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I have a walled garden on 3 sides, but there are a couple of burrows. I have lost several new plants before, but this year I will be planting out plants that I grew from seeds,so would be devastated if they were eaten! We have a man coming next week to hopefully get rid and we are going to try to block the 4th boundary, which is currently part hedge \part fence. Also, we were told to close the gate to our drive,or they will be back! Good luck with your garden, whatever you decide. Btw apparently they breed every 6 weeks, so can become prolific!

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:joy: thanks Nick, I’ll keep an eye out for Mixie pops visiting! I was slightly alarmed because the meadow was immaculate but suddenly there are burrows everywhere.