Compost toadstools

Hi Jack, thought your community might like to be aware of the following regarding composts.

Bought a bag of Melcourt SylvaGrow multicompost back in February and used it for seed germination. Within a few days small toadstools appeared over the surface of the compost. Looking unsightly I also found picking them off disturbed some of the seeds. I contacted Melcourt who were very helpful. The toadstools are a saprophytic fungus living off the wood in the media and should not affect the plants. They recommend that their composts be used in the season of manufacture provided by an 8 digit date code on the side of the bag. Damp storage conditions can also influence toadstool growth.


That’s very interesting thank you Paul! I actually had the same experience with little mushrooms growing on all my seed trays. I left them and they withered in warm sunshine, without affecting the plants at all. At first it was unnerving seeing the mould-like mycelium appear on the soil, I thought the seeds had rotted but it as just this. As you say, actually not a problem just surprising.

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