Chilli peppers don't look so hot

I tried to get a headstart by starting some chilli seeds, among others, at home. I assumed chillis would like lots of warmth and light, so maybe I overexposed them.

My other home seedlings are doing okay but one of my chilli varieties particularly - Cayenne - has started to wither. The other, jalapeño, has fared better but is showing signs of trauma. They are kept moist, I don’t believe they are dehydrated.

They’re still small enough that I could lose them and start again, but I’d rather not. Is there anything I can do to salvage these pained looking chilli seedlings?

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Could be aminopyralid contamination in compost. What are you growing them in?

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I think unlikely to be this as it would affect the new growth first.

My first thought is that it’s a root problem as the plant is sacrificing the oldest leaves. Probably too cold or too wet or both. When I’ve had this happen it’s usually because of root rot.

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