Capillary Matting

Hi, I need to get some capillary matting for my seedlings (and seedlings to be). My experience in the past found that it did not last more than 1 season, or two seasons if lucky. There is very little informtion about what it is made from, so I suspect it is non-natural materials and would be destined for a landfill after use (please correct me if I am wrong!). I found a wool and jute based capillary matting but I could not find any reviews.

Any thoughts/ suggestions?


I don’t know if it will work, but how about compostable kitchen cloths?
They soak up water really well and at the end of their life can go into the compost pile.

I have a couple for using in the kitchen and I’ve put them in a hot wash a few times.
So in theory, at the end of the season, you could put them in the washing machine, let them dry and store for next year.

I bought mine from our local plastic free shop and they’re probably about 20cmx20cm and are by a company called Ecoliving.

As I said, I don’t know if they’ll work for capillary matting, but they’re worth considering.
If they don’t work, at least you’d have some clothes for wiping down surfaces :blush:

I hope that’s helpful.

Thank you AmyL for the suggestion. I will admit I am still on the fence but I do have a bit of time before I make a decision :wink:.

It is rather surprising that there no indication on the packaging detailing what most mats are made from or how to dispose when done with them.

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