Can't remember planting that!

Hi Jack,
Just noticed what I assume to be Geranium phaeum Album growing in my garden. Thing is, I can’t remember planting it. I have Langthorns Blue but not Album. There’s a chance that it came in with another plant or was an aberrant seedling but situated where it is I think that is doubtful.

Just wondered what other people in your community have growing that they cannot remember planting which was not there before they took over the garden?

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Haha that’s a good question Paul!

One of the biggest mysteries for me was a purple sedum seedling appearing on my London allotment a few years after owning it. I happened to notice this tiny seedling and left it. It grew into a beautiful purple sedum and I took seeds with me to grow here in Yorkshire. I now have about eight plants growing here about to flower this summer!

The less weeding you do the more free plants you get. I am a slack weeder. My garden is probably almost 50% free plants that just arrived without me planting them. Plants jnclude: purple toadflax, aquilegias in every colour, red and white valerian, a red & yellow tulip, yellow and orange poppies, ferns, holly, yew, cotoneaster, roses and many more. I assume that these were planted by the birds, animals & the wind. I also have lots of plants that sneaked in from next door including honeysuckle, raspberries, japanese quince and various perennials. If something arrives and I like the look of it I let it stay.