Black spots on clematis leaves

My Prince Charles clematis has black spots on most of its leaves but both leaves & the flowers, which are just starting to open, appear healthy. Is it a fungal problem like black spot on roses? Should I remove the leaves &/or spray it with fungicide? I’m fairly new to growing clematis & as there’s another one planted nearby I don’t know if it will spread to this one too?

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Hi Rambly, are the stalks also turning black? it could be Clematis wilt that starts to show around this time of year, if it is its good practice to prune off the infected leaves and dispose of them, and when its dropped all its leaves at the end of the year clear them up as well. if it is Clematis wilt it is a fungal disease that’s transported through water. large flowering varieties are more prone to it apparently.


Hi Nick, the stalks are fine & the plant seems healthy & is flowering well but I’ve removed the diseased leaves as you’ve recommended so I’m hoping it’ll continue to flourish. Thanks for your help.