Big Shed Project

First day on my big build project, with a mark out and pits dug for the foundation blocks.

Also got to collect all my window panels for free from a building site who were ready to chuck them in a skip!

Still on the look out for a set of double glazed patio doors in a frame… Back on with the search!

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Very exciting to see how this develops! Thanks for sharing it and goodluck with finding the double doors!

Great! I love such upcycling projects! Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:


Bit of a wet cold weekend down here, so not much to be done on the plot to move this forwards.

Insted, collecting of parts continues, and today I bagged a bit piece of the final finish (may be a little early) in a wood burning stove to keep the place warm and toasty whilst I work in it.

at 6kW capacity, its a bit oversized for the space, but came with flue pipe for a good price!

Looking forwards to having this all finished and the stove burning so cold wet days are no longer a problem!


Sweet, that is very cool!

Sorry for the delay in updating but things moved on quite a bit…

Ended up having to move the shed build to another bit of the plot, which meant a couple of weeks of clearing brambles and other over grown weeds. Having done this I could start on the base.

The base is made of 4" x 5" treated fence posts, set on M16 studding, which is in turn set in 150mm x 700mm bored holes filled with concrete.

The studding has allowed for absolute leveling on the uneven ground at the back of the plot.

Once the base was complete and leveled, I added the joist units

These were found units made of 4" x 2", to which I added a 6mm plywood backing (also out of a skip) - you’ll see why I added this later

Once the joist units were set, I added rockwool Insulation.

This will keep the floating floor from being a cold sink in winter, and stop the floor surface acting like a drum skin when I walk on it

Rockwool isn’t fully water proof, so I added a damp proof membrane

This should keep the rockwool dry, but also prevent the warm wet air that will be in the shed condensing in the insulation when it meets the cold air of outside

Over the DPM I’ve laid a rubber crumb under floor I found, again to help with insulation and noise. The final layer is made of 18mm Ply wood (again out of a skip)

This is screwed down to the floor joists to prevent movement and to ensure each board is level with those adjacent to it


I think this shed is going to look spectacular, fantastic that most of it is from skips and building waste. well done.

It’s starting to really shape up @ChairmanBen! Thanks for sharing the details of the base too, that’s really interesting with some things I hadn’t thought of with my own shed, around the sound etc. Very exciting!

Wall studding has gone up today

All in 4 x 2 CLS (C16) studding. This is an untreated product which, if you’re buying DIY stores and builders yard will tell you is unsuitable for sheds because of the chance of damp.

Whilst this is true, my shed is going to be clad within an inch of its life, wrapped, insulated, vapour barriered and heated, so I’m not so concerned about damp as most outside builds.

Walls are 2.1m high, which give me head room and still will alow me to have a 1:12 roof pitch and be under permitted building size.


thats looking great!

It’s looking really good! Not long until you’re inside and cosy!

Roof frame finished today

Rafters are cut from 18mm Ply, with offcuts of 4 x 2 used for the blocking. This gives me a base for the ceiling support, and makes the roof fairly easy to lay out.

Roof batterns are cut with an overhang which will give somewhere for the facia to fix to and it’s decorative supports to locate to


Wow, it’s already looking great! Thanks for sharing!
You don’t want to come to Austria to build such a shed for me, do you? :wink:

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Busy weekend, but got the roof and wall sheathing on.

Roof is made of reclaimed barn sidings, which cost me £20. Unfortunately it’s got two different profiles, so required more bodging together than I would have hoped.

Wall sheathing is 11mm OSB. I had hoped to be able to get this from a timber reclamation yard, but they didn’t have any in stock.

Not shown, I have since wrapped the walls in roofing membrane to keep everything water tight whilst I get on with some gardening!


that is going to look amazing!