Big Shed Project

First day on my big build project, with a mark out and pits dug for the foundation blocks.

Also got to collect all my window panels for free from a building site who were ready to chuck them in a skip!

Still on the look out for a set of double glazed patio doors in a frame… Back on with the search!

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Very exciting to see how this develops! Thanks for sharing it and goodluck with finding the double doors!

Great! I love such upcycling projects! Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:


Bit of a wet cold weekend down here, so not much to be done on the plot to move this forwards.

Insted, collecting of parts continues, and today I bagged a bit piece of the final finish (may be a little early) in a wood burning stove to keep the place warm and toasty whilst I work in it.

at 6kW capacity, its a bit oversized for the space, but came with flue pipe for a good price!

Looking forwards to having this all finished and the stove burning so cold wet days are no longer a problem!


Sweet, that is very cool!