Best unusual snowdrop suppliers?

Can anyone recommend a good supplier of unusual snowdrops? I’m interested in trying a few new cultivars this year :slight_smile:

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Chelsea Physic Garden have a snowdrop weekend where specialists sell rare bulbs in flower. Don’t know if they’ll be doing it next January though.


I saw that Ashwood Nurseries. Morlas Plants, Avon Bulbs, Dryad Nursery all list lots of varieties. I guess now is the time to plant. It depends how much you want to spend, too - a few quid to £100…some go for some outrageous prices per bulb. I was at Anglesey Abbey late one winter and they had some rare named varieties for sale - wow, the prices on some. :open_mouth:

But I have to admit that I have never bought them - they are all over my garden, um, like weeds :wink: (most in the wrong places, of course).


Oh yes! I must go back to that, fingers crossed it can still go ahead.

Thank you! These are awesome recommendations, I’d forgotten about Avon bulbs and the other two are new to be (Ashwood I know of but I think only do in the green plants?) I’ve only grown the classic nivalis and let is spread slowly around. Part of me wants to stick with that but I think it will be fun to try growing a few different ones too.

Good luck with whichever varieties that you choose! And don’t forget to post pictures when they come up :partying_face: