Begonia luxurians, and canna musifolia overwinter?

Hi all. Two new additions to the garden this year that have done really well. But I’m unsure what to do with them over winter?

The Begonia luxurians is in a pot. So I could easily bring inside. However it’s shown no signs of frost or cold damage yet and I’d like to keep it outside if possible. Do you think I should bring it in?

And secondly the Canna musifolia. This has grown to about 2 and half meters in 1 year! All the books say they are deciduous. But I’ve not seen any leaf due back or fall yet. Getting a bit tatty from wind but looking fairly strong. I’d love to keep it over winter as it has good impact and is seen from the house. Should I just give the base a good mulch?

They’re both in a sheltered south facing corner in East London.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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Hi Thomas,

They look great! Here in London we have such a mild climate it can be late Dec or even Jan before the cold really gets the tropical plants.

I grow cannas and Begonia luxurians. Cannas I leave outside all year round with no problem at all, though they do eventually have their leaves die back. Begonias I have had survive winter in our garden. My suggestion would be to leave it out knowing the risk that it might die. I see this as a worthwhile experiment because if it survives, you know you never have to bring it in again. If it dies, you can just get another one (they’re also pretty easy to take stem cuttings from now if you want a back up and have multiple stems).


Perfect thanks Jack, I’ve taken some cuttings and just keeping an eye on the mother plant. Fingers crossed she makes it through! Thanks for the advice.


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No problem, good luck! I find sometimes begonias will die back to ground level and you think you’ve lost them but they come back the following year here in London. It’s quite amazing.