Apple Tree fungus

Hi helpful gardeners ,

For the first time we have this fungus growing on our apple tree at the alotment - does any one know what it is & how to deal with it please ?? :pray::pray::pray:

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it is most probably woolly aphids. the fluffy bits are breeding colonies. if it is not to wide spread scrub it of with water and very mild detergant, you could also try blastinf off with a hose, if it is really bad you may need to use an insecticide like provado’s ultimate bug killer but i dont use the mas they kill nearly all bugs not jut your target. in southern UK i have read somethin about a parasitic wasp that will feed off them but not sure howto get hold of it. Hope this helps.

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Hi Nick,

Thankyou so much :pray:

It’s not all over the tree so I’ll scrub them off as suggested

Thankyou :pray::pray::pray:

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