Another Winter Project

Another project we carried out was to create a Hugelkultur raised bed, we chose to make a rather large one as we had the room to do so.
We marked it out, dug it out filled it in with old logs, covered the logs with brush then put the turf on upside-down and covered with soil.
for the first season we only grew green manure in it so we could dig it in.
this style of bed is great it can be done in any size, even 2x2 raised beds the logs absorb moisture through out Autumn/winter and slowly release it in spring/summer, the brush breaks down and feeds the soil and the green manure we sowed on it was dug in. as all the timber breaks down it feeds the soil so all you ever have to do is occasionally top the soil on the bed up, as you would a no dig bed. its fantastic for growing veg on as it’s rich soil and pretty much self watering

I am tempted to try this in Stockholm. Just curious - how long would you use a Hugelkultur bed - or is it forever?

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Hi, as far as I am aware you can keep them going permanently, you just treat the mas a no-dig bed. This is going to be the first season we put it to use. so looking forward to seeing the results