Allotment dry patch

Hi all, I’m the lucky keeper of a new allotment. It’s a massive 80’ x 47’ and covered in weeds.
I have a plan for most of it, but today I’ve been for the first time in the rain and discovered that there’s a really dry area right at the top under a tree canopy which I can’t do anything about. Any ideas for what might grow there? It gets sunshine from early morning until about 1pm when the trees start to shade it.
Would grapes grow there?
Should I reserve it as a winter growing bed as I’m guessing it’ll get wetter then as the trees lose there leaves.
Something else?
Thanks in advance for any ideas :slight_smile:


Hi - I suggest that the first thing to do is put down a really good layer of manure or compost, to make sure any rain which does get through is retained.

Leafy things such as rocket, chard, kale, lettuce will do ok with shade.

Good luck


Thanks, that’s really helpful!

Does it receive good sunlight despite being under the tree or is it shaded?

Welcome to the community! :blush:

Thank you. It has sunlight from early morning until early afternoon. I think I have a plan for it now actually - woodland flowers to attract pollinators. It’s not definite though so ideas still welcome.

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Sorry, I never replied to your last message, but it sounds like you have a good plan! Let us know how you get on :slight_smile: