Advice please for my French Beans

Hello all. Me again!
I sowed some French Beans. Dwarf variety I think.
I sowed into a deep oblong container 4 weeks ago.
Nothing has happened.
How long does it take to germinate and begin to grow.

Thanks gang.

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They should be coming up by now - how old were the seeds?

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I brought them in a well known orange hardware store. I had them in my closet for about 6 months before I planted out

This might be a silly question, but have you been watering them?

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Hi Ruth.
I’ve been using water from my water butt.
This has run out so I’ve been using tap water.

Odd… beans are usually really quick &:easy to germinate… I’d start again, if I were you- it’s not too late.


I think the dam pigeons got to them.
Thanks for the tips Ruth :blush::+1:

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Or perhaps mice - they love peas and beans!

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Please can you tell me what these are and how to get rid off them please.
My poor Sedum Spurium Dragons Blood are covered.