A new allotmenteer

Hi All
Was told there would be at least a years waiting list for a plot, kept asking, and have been offered a 56ft x 23ft plot if I fancy a challenge !!
Its 120 sq mtrs. I have made an action plan.
20ft x 10ft Polytunnel. 8ft x 6ft Shed. Old council paving slabs for paths.
I have mapped out a spreadsheet which will hopefully work.
I have as many wooden pallets as I could ever need, and fold away pallets for raised beds.
If I say yes, and take the plot, there is so much rubbish, weeds etc to get rid of.
My wife says “do I really want to take that on at 64”, of course I do.
Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks


Blimey! That’s quite a plot you have got your hands on :slight_smile: When I got my allotment the first thing I did was to create a seating area. Nothing fancy, just a clear space where I set up a bench, table and some storage. Nothing worse when you don’t have a place to sit and have a brew!

Don’t try and do everything at once - one guy had his plot so beautifully ordered and I moaned to him that mine was dreadful by comparison. He told me it had taken him six years to get it the way he wanted it and so I should just take things slowly!

But also check the requirements of your allotment society (or council) as some of them require a certain percentage of the plot to be ‘worked’ within the first year of ownership.

Good luck and please post photo’s as you go along :slight_smile:


Great tips from Jackie.

If it’s just weeds don’t worry about them as they’re pretty easy to deal with. If it’s actual rubbish and unnecessary junk, I would start by getting rid of all that to give you a clean site.

Then as Jackie says, begin working through the site one area at a time. Don’t try and do it all otherwise you’ll end up playing whack a mole with the weeds, you’ll weed one area to find they’ve popped back in the spot you weeded last week :smile:

Covering areas in cardboard is a good way of keeping weeds at bay. Or growing other things that really smother the ground.

Perhaps start by planting some dwarf fruit trees and fruit bushes if your allotment allows them as these will be easy to manage in future and give you some easy fruit wins.

My allotment is 250sq metres and it has taken me the best part of six years to get it into a state I want but it’s still not perfect. Some areas are now well under control though which makes life easier.


Plot almost dug over now. Manure delivered. Winter cabbage and sprouts in, onions in, greenhouse built and in situ. Feel a bit silly with a pallet fence around my plot. Gas cooker in shed for a brew. My own water supply now laid, so hopefully we may get some veg next year !!


Wow you have done loads Adrian! Well done. And a green house with a shed a brew too, couldn’t be more perfect!